Our 8th Annual – ADAPTIVE ANGLERS ON THE FLY – Fly Fishing Camp
was held November 18-20, 2011, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Our Adaptive Anglers had an awesome weekend. We were blessed with beautiful weather, great fishing, wonderful home cooked gourmet meals, fabulous volunteers/adaptive guides, and great fellowship – at the Moormans River, the rustic Montfair Lodge, and at our annual lakeside campfire.

Chubby & I want to express special thanks to our partners at Montfair Resort. We also want to thank all our wonderful TJTU Adaptive Guides who, again, volunteered and shared their passion for fly fishing with our Adaptive Anglers. We are grateful to Charlotte Cole & Teresa Andrews for providing transportation support to help two of our Adaptive Anglers, coming from
Northern Virginia, and Waynesboro.

We appreciate the pre-camp medical support we received from Martha Leamman, a Social Worker and Kerri Cooper, a Nutritionist both who work at UVA Medical Center. They both helped us coordinate the special health related needs that would have to be addressed for one of our new Adaptive Anglers.

Special thanks to Teresa, Greg Leffler, Kevin & Donna Markey for preparing such great food throughout the event.

Thanks to Chris Wharam for his care keeping the lodge warm and toasty with a great fire stoked up in the fireplace all weekend.
Our campers enjoyed cruising the road next to the Moormans on the fourwheeler – Gator. Thanks to Greg & Leah Leffler for efforts to make this possible.

Throughout the weekend, we had eighteen volunteers (18) who provided two-hundred ninety-three (293) service hours.

We had eleven (11) Adaptive Anglers and seven (7) family members attend camp.
72% of our Adaptive Anglers have attended this event two or more times.
18% of our Adaptive Anglers were new this year.
18% were youth/teen.
18% were females.

Thanks to all the Adaptive Anglers for attending this annual event (Creed, Ciara, Pat, Jimbo, Chris, Kenn, Robert, Steve, Robbie, Tripp, Joseph). We also want to thank the families and caregivers who helped to make this event a success.

It is wonderful to have so many of our Adaptive Anglers return year after year. We are pleased that this annual event is something that everyone looks forward to attending.

The group all enjoyed an outfitters stream side lunch on Saturday. After lunch, Kevin Markey allowed our Adaptive Anglers to get up close and personal with his two Harris Hawks. Sharing his passion for the sport of falconry is a favorite
for everyone.

Saturday evening we had our annual campfire & awards. Along with the tradition of having Chubby read “The Bridge Builder” poem, campers took time to reflect on and share things that they were thankful for the weekend before Thanksgiving. Campers were provided with special Adaptive Anglers T-shirts and TA hats. Thanks to Blue Ridge Graphics for your continued support of this

It was great to have the Pat “Welk” Baugher and her new spouse, Donald come from Maryland to join us. (see Blog Post – Joyous Day for TA). We introduced Donald to fly fishing, so he now has another outdoor activity that he can enjoy with his new bride.

We were pleased to help Steve Fetrow celebrate his birthday on 11/19. Along with a B-Day cake, Steve was given a special trout hat to help him go stealth when working the river to catch more fish. Robbie Thomas had a great weekend outdoors that included shooting an eleven (11) point buck Saturday morning before coming to the camp and then catching some trout.

Throughout the weekend our Adaptive Anglers also enjoyed the company of our three camp dogs – Chester, Henry & Huckleberry.

Throughout the weekend, our Adaptive Anglers caught then released back to the Moormans many beautiful trout.

As we continue to attract many returning as well as new Adaptive Anglers, it is safe to say that the structure of this multi-generational fly fishing camp and “rustic slumber party” is well received.

Stay well until the next time we are fly fishing together. Blessings to you all over the upcoming holidays.

For more information about our ADAPTIVE ANGLERS programs, please contact us.


  1. Wendy Johnston says:

    Please tell me more about fly fishing camp/program for this year and how to get started with equipment if we need to. So excited!
    Wendy and Nick

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