Adaptive Water Sports

Our Adaptive Water Sports Mastery System® features a variety of programs as well as instruction/guide services to meet your needs.   All of our programs and services are carefully designed to help learn the necessary skills, techniques and judgment needed to safely experience the adaptive water sports world.

Starting with the basics, our Adaptive Water Sports Mastery System® follows a progression, allowing you to achieve your most advanced level of independence as quickly as possible. Course content has been organized so each successive instructional session picks up where the last one ended with no overlap or gaps.

  • Throughout your experience, you will develop a variety of new skills designed to compliment many therapy goals.
  • Our programs for school aged children can be designed to compliment many special education goals.

Our approach to Adaptive Water Sports is one
which has a proven history of success!

With three decades of continuous service, Therapeutic Adventures has served thousands individuals offering specialized adaptive instruction and guide services. As an innovative leader, we have worked with ALL ages and populations.