Adaptive Equipment


Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. works to design and develop cost effective adaptive equipment to help provide greater access to the outdoors for persons with physical disabilities. In addition to innovative new designs, whenever possible we work to adapt and incorporate existing products so as to reduce the overall cost of production prototypes. This enables us to field test new equipment without exhaustive overhead expenses.

The following is a partial list of our innovative adaptive outdoor equipment designs:

  • Central Virginia’s First Adaptive Fitness Course (Accessible for persons with mobility impairments with Braille directions for blind and visually impaired)
  • Healthsports Mitts (Gortex) Enable persons with limited hand function to hold ski poles or outriggers
  • Canoe/Kayak Paddling Mitts
  • Nordic Tur Pulk
    (cross country touring sit ski with height adjustments to accommodate depth of snow)
  • Healthsports SnoWalker (reciprocal walker)
  • Custom Molded-Foam-In-Place Mono-Ski Seat Cushion
  • Mono-Ski Travel Bag
  • Climbing/Rappelling Harness – For persons with lower extremity impairments/ reciprocating
  • Outdoor Freedom AT Wheelchair (All Terrain Chair)
  • Adaptive Fly Fishing Pontoon Boat
  • IndependencePlus ® AT Cart
  • Sea Kayak with Adaptive Seat and Sponsons – Stabilizers for balance
  • Freedom Snowshoe Outriggers
  • Adaptive Sailing seat
  • Sailing Mitts -With cam device for persons with hand impairments to work the sheets
  • “Paths to Happiness” – Trail Accessibility project — Moormans River Nature Area – Thomas Jefferson Trout Unlimited “Catch & Release” section